Leipzig: Snapshot of Germany's most creative & musical city

What makes Leipzig Germany's most exciting and creative city? We asked some of the city's leading lights and came up with this short video. We hope you enjoy our snapshot of the city of music and heroes.
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Many thanks to Leipzig Travel Gewandhausorchester Oper Leipzig Martin Kohlstedt KLASSIK underground Bach-Archiv · Bachfest Leipzig Bach-Museum Leipzig Multitude Hostel for welcoming us to your city and sharing your thoughts with us.
Video: Sabrina Wulf. #HiddenLeipzig trip in partnership with Leipzig Travel Captivate and The Family Adventure Project

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Good knight and goodbye from Carcassonne!
Highlight of my short time in Carcassonne was learning how to be a knight, learning about their weaponry and their noble code of chivalry thanks to local instructor, Jean Francis. Even donned some armory and marched across the citadel. Fab fun! There was not enough time to explore Carcassonne but I really loved the fortress and wondering through the city’s winding tiny streets. Definitely see myself coming back.

Journeys end. Time to say goodbye to Carcassonne and the region of Occitanie after 5 adrenaline filled days of exploring some of the region’s many beautiful towns & scenery with Bjorn.

Why should you visit Occitanie?
In a few words, I would describe the region as historic, great gastronomy, welcoming, surprising and v.relaxing. I’ve shared some of my favorite pictures from the trip.Any questions about the trip, gimme a shout. Merci!

#DestinationChallenges #OccitanieChallenge in partnership with Tourisme en Occitanie The Social TravelerAude Pays CathareDestination AlbiOffice de Tourisme d'AlbiVos vacances dans le TarnPréfet de Tarn-et-GaronneAtout FranceAuch, la belle surprise du Sud-OuestToulouse tourisme

Greetings from the medieval fortified town of Carcassonne, my 5th and final stop in our #OccitanieChallenge

We’ve got our mission and have to find a knight whose going to show us the use of medieval weapons! This should be interesting...

#DestinationChallenges in partnership with Tourisme en Occitanie Aude Pays Cathare

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Albi was a revelation- From hidden Romanesque cloisters, half timbered houses in narrow streets to its brick red beautiful cathedral and the fantastic Toulouse Lautrec Museum-so much to discover in this place. How come I never heard of this place?

Highlight of the day was exploring the Musee Toulouse Lautrec in Albi which has the largest collection of his works in the world.. equally beautiful is it’s dreamy location in the 13th century Palais de la Berbie overlooking the River Tarn.

#AlbiChallenge #MuseumWeek
#DestinationChallenges #OccitanieChallenge

In partnership with Tourisme en Occitanie Tourisme Tarn et Garonne Vos vacances dans le Tarn Destination Albi Office de Tourisme d'Albi

Good morning from the episcopal city of Albi, our 2nd UNESCO World Heritage site in this trip.

Pretty excited to explore the city which is home to the 13th century Saint Cécile Cathedral and also to the Palais de la Berbie which houses the largest collection of world by Toulouse Lautrec!

We'll be doing another quest and if you like, you could help us with the following questions already 😎

🇫🇷 What's the name of the collegiate church's tower & what was is it used for?

🇫🇷 What's the Occitan name for the half timber houses with open attic?

🇫🇷 What's the name of the Albi resident who decided to sail the oceans and explore the world?

The rest of the riddles and questions we'll discover on the spot 😉

First challenge kicks off any moment now..

Stay tuned 👉🏼 #DestinationChallenges #OccitanieChallenge #AlbiChallenge in partnership with Vos vacances dans le Tarn Tourisme Tarn et Garonne Tourisme en Occitanie Office de Tourisme d'Albi

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Tale of two towns today: On pilgrims route to Santiago Compostela,Moissac was our first stopover visiting the historic Saint Peter’s Abbey, exploring the pretty town centre & then popping into Grand Dore chocolatier to try their dark chocolate mix of local Chasselas grape & Armagnac-yum.

Next me and Bjorn hopped onto Rose, VW Campervan and made our way to Auvillar. Loved Auvillar-Overlooking the Garonne on the pilgrims route, this is a beautiful village with its picture postcard houses & historic monuments like the circular hall, the clock tower and the Church of St. Pete. Hope to return soon!

#DestinationChallenges #OccitanieChallenge #TourismeOccitanie #TourismeTarn #TourismeGaronne in partnership with Tourisme en Occitanie Tourisme Moissac Tourisme Tarn et Garonne

Destination Challenge Tart-et-Garonne!

Good morning from yet another sunny 🌞 😎 day morning in Occitanie in the South West of France.

Me and Bjorn have just found out our challenge for today which involves visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Saint Peters Abbey and later we’re hopping on a tandem bike ( First time for me! ) to the village of Auvillar-been told its very picturesque.

Here are some key questions from the challenge - know the answers , pop it in the comments below 👇🏽

🇫🇷Mission 1 Enter the cloister and search for the capital which tells the story of a bible chapter linked to water

🇫🇷Mission 3 Guess the alcohol used in the Chasselas Grape 🍇 chocolate sweet?


🇫🇷Mission 5: In the town hall of Auvillar there is a sea anchor -what was it for?

🇫🇷Mission 7: An object we use in everyday life made the town of Auvillar famous in 1909- what is it?

#DestinationChallenges #OccitanieChallenge #TourismeOccitanie

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It’s a wrap for me and Bjorn in Auch. For a small town, packs a lot of history & has some v.interesting connections-Napolean to D’Artagnan (actual historical figure I found out today)& the Modern Circus movement thanks to Circa. Next stop: Mossaic!

#DestinationChallenges #OccitanieChallenge #TourismeOccitanie

Bonjour and a happy Monday ( if such a thing possible) to you all from the historical capital of Gascony, Auch, 70 kms west of our previous stop, Toulouse.

Never heard of this city? Neither had I ....but since yesterday night I’ve been wondering the narrow streets and impressed with this beautifully preserved medieval town.

Both me and Bjorn have been handed another epic quest and challenge. If you know any of the answers to the questions, please leave them in the comments below!

Especially mission 5 my Catalan friends!

👉🏼Feel free to tag a friend in the know and share this challenge

#DestinationChallenges #OccitanieChallenge #TourismeOccitanie #TourismeGers with Gers Gascogne Tourisme Tourisme en Occitanie

🇫🇷1. 4 motifs inside the theatre of Auch symbolise what?

🇫🇷2. How long did it take to build the
Cathedrale Saints-Marie?

🇫🇷3. Who made the stained glass window of the cathedral?

🇫🇷4. What visible sign testifies the passing of Napoleon the 1st in Auch in 1808?

🇫🇷5. What symbolises the metal sculpture & the one by the foot bridge made by Catalan artist Jaume Plensa?

🇫🇷6. What is the birth name of musketeer D'Artagnan? He's from Gers!

🇫🇷🙋🏽‍♂️Good morning from Toulouse! Moment has finally arrived. I received details of my first challenge.

🙎🏽‍♂️Actually 16 challenges 😂

🇫🇷I have to complete these before we leave Toulouse at 3.30pm. Definitely going to need your help. Bjorn aka The Social Traveler
is training for the day to be an astronaut 👩‍🚀 ( lucky bugger ) 🙎🏽‍♂️

🇫🇷Need help on these following missions!

If you know the answers to any of these, leave comments below. Let’s do this!

#DestinationChallenges #OccitaineChallenge #TourismeOccitaine in partnership with Toulouse tourisme

🇫🇷Mission 2

-Where can I find the statue of Toulouse’s most famous singer Claude Nougaro?

🇫🇷Mission 4

-Capitouls are responsible for the administration in the city & wore long red and black robes. Red and black are now the official colors adopted by another group of people in Toulouse-who?

🇫🇷Mission 5

-What are the main ingredients of the local dessert La Fenetra?

🇫🇷Mission 6

-Do you know the home of the most famous palm tree in Toulouse?

🇫🇷Mission 9

The women has nothing to envy Madonna
She wears a new dress every season made by French Couturiers
She is the patron saint of pregnant women

Who and where is she?

🇫🇷Mission 10

-In the courtyard of Hotel D’Assezat the magnificent town mansion built by Nicholas Bachlier there is a unique original detail that is owed to a discovery by Christopher Columbus?

🇫🇷Mission 11

Hotel D’Assezat’s , a great example of Renaissance architecture in Southern France has an imposing tower

What was this tower used for?
1. A watchtower
2. A fireguard tower
3. A show off tower

🇫🇷Mission 14

My first is a form of art
My second is a woman
My third is an invite to the Symphonie des Songes
My whole is located next to the Centre Occitan des Musiques at Danses Traditionnelles

What am I?

🇫🇷Mission 15

38 metro stations of Toulouse contain unique works of contemporary art. I’m starting my journey at Carmes Metro Station and going along line B to checkout these works of art

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Summer is coming! Plus tommorrow marks the beginning of an exciting new adventure and few weeks of some exciting trips that I can’t wait to share with you soon.

I’m heading back to Toulouse ( where I had a nice few days exactly a year ago ) to join my buddy Bjorn Troch, known to some of you as the The Social Traveler

Been a huge fan of his #DestinationChallenges project where each destination sets you a secret challenge and with the help of friends, followers and people you meet on the road, you solve the puzzle. Fun and v.educational way of discovering a place.

We will be road tripping
all around Toulouse, Gascony and Midi Pyranees area discovering some of France’s most rural secluded regions. Part of France I don’t know at all. If you are curious to follow our trip please follow the hashtags #DestinationChallenges #OccitanieChallenge and #TourismeOccitanie for more about the region.

Kick off is on Sunday, so stay tuned because we'll need your help! 😉

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Day 4 & 5 In Leipzig: Leipzig is the perfect city for culture vultures : After Tapetenfestwerk party on Friday, all the artists based in another stalwart of Leipzig’s art scene, the Spinnerei opened their ateliers too and it was packed with locals and visitors. Rounded off a great afternoon of art by visiting the Kunstkraftwerk which is few minutes walk from the Spinnerei. Amazing video installations , and beautiful, interactive space- definitely a museum for the Instagram generation. Today we continued our magical mystery tour of Leipzig’s music scene by paying a visit to 12 Goldschmidt Strasse, home of the composer Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (1809-1847) one of the most famous musicians to have lived and worked in Leipzig. We had the chance to catch a matinee concert which was fantastic. Afterwards, we headed to the park to soak in the sun and meet an old wonderful friend of mine, Catharina Fischer who calls the city home. We had drinks by the park, followed by the best soft eis in the city: Softeis Eugen Hendrich. Lovely way to end our Sunday. Tomorrow- lady day in Leipzig before we head home. Been an epic few days!

#HiddenLeipzig #LeipzigTravel in partnership with Leipzig Travel

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Day 3 Highlights in Leipzig included a bunch of fun stuff including checking out some street art, refining my pool 🎱 skills at Mensa- Leipzig’s brand new pool hall, a chance to listen to the world famous St Thomas Boys choir at Thomaskirche and wrapping up the day at Taperenwerkfest - a biannual event where Tapetenwerk invites Leipzigers & visitors to look behind the scenes, explore artist ́s studios, celebrate and dance the night away —a vibrant place of arts & crafts, loved it! #HiddenLeipzig #LeipzigTravel in partnership with Leipzig Travel #ad

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Day 2 in Leipzig! Started off the day with a behind the scenes tour of the majestic Leipzig Opera.Founded in 1693 makes this the third oldest opera venue in Europe after La Fenice (Venice, Italy) and the Hamburg State Opera. After a meeting with the founder of Klassik Underground , Tahlia Petrosian a new classical music concert series which is taking classical music into unusual places in Leipzig and introducing the music to a new audience. Afternoon was spent strolling down Karl-Liebknecht-Straße known affectionately as ‘Karli’ The streets off the Karli are popular residential areas and you’ll find all sorts of quirky shops, cafes and cool street art. Well worth a wander... #HiddenLeipzig in partnership with Leipzig Travel #ad

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Great to be back in Leipzig after 5 years. Busy but fulfilling first day of reacquainting myself with Leipzig. Lovely walk through the city was followed by a trip to the Bach Archive where I saw the organ he played on and one of his few surviving manuscripts. This was followed by a chance to witness the open rehearsal of the v.exciting ‘Two play to play’ at the Gewandhaus which mixes an independent musician with a 150 strong classical choir- amazing energy and great music. 👉🏼#hiddenleipzig with Leipzig Travel and featuring Bach-Archiv · Bachfest Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra


Mariah Carey checks into a...hostel. Would you?

PS Those curious about the hostel it is Casa Gracia Hostel in Barcelona.

Your favourite travel destination in the world is ____________?

First hostel you stayed in was ______________?

My Swedish Heart

From Sweden, with love. Loving STORYTRAVELERS new film which was filmed across West Sweden, Malmö, Gothenburg and Skane. Been years since I've been back. I hope to #visitsweden soon again https://vimeo.com/250963473

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24 hours in Zaragoza: not enough time to really appreciate this city but I really enjoyed every moment: from the stunning architecture to the fantastic, affordable food and drink. Click on the link below to find out more about my trip plus find out details of how you can win 2 Renfe Spain passes to plan your own rail trip across Spain 🇪🇸 🚅#SpainbyTrain

Budget Traveller

What you do with just 24 hours in Madrid? :)

24 Hours in Madrid

24 Hours in Madrid: A guide to all the best places to eat, drink and see in this fabulous city #SpainbyTrain

24 Hours in Seville

24 hours in Seville. Not a long time to explore such a beautiful city but still you'd be surprised in what you can see in a day. Checkout my new video to find out some of the best places to eat, drink and explore in Seville. Enjoy! #SpainbyTrain

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Modern yet traditional , unassuming yet sophisticated: Zaragoza was a v.pleasant surprise. Definitely warrants a longer stay #SpainbyTrain #AVExperience

Photos de la publication de Budget Traveller

First impressions of Tarragona: Have a peek at my photographs from last few hours. Really beautiful town that I'm looking forward to exploring more tomorrow!

#SpainByTrain #AVExperience

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Planning a road trip across Spain this year or next? Then you might want to consider exploring Spain by RENFE’s high speed trains instead of taking the plane or car. To help give you an idea of how affordable it is, what the trains are like and also what you can discover via the 🚂, I’ll be embarking on a whirlwind road trip across Spain by train tomorrow starting at the lesser known Roman era port city of Tarragona. I will then be heading to another of Spain’s most underrated cities: Zaragoza, the home of Francesco Goya and the stunning Basílica del Pilar. From Zaragoza I’ll be head back to an old favourite of mine, the lively vibrant capital, Madrid which is home to some of the world’s greatest art museums plus enjoys a fantastic bar and very affordable food culture. From Madrid I’m hopping on the train and revisiting the Moorish gem Seville , an intoxicating mix of stunning Mudéjar palaces, baroque churches, flamenco clubs and some of the finest tapas bars in Spain. It’s going to be an epic train trip filled with lots of stories , colour and obviously food: if you are interested in following my adventures on social media, please follow the hashtag #SpainbyTrain & #AVExperience. I’ll be travelling alongside few other blogger colleagues of mine who you may follow LiveShareTravel Borders of Adventure GlobalGrasshopper & Time Travel Turtle so watch out for their updates too.

🚂 #SpainbyTrain in partnership with Spain.info &Renfe #ad

Time Travel Turtle

Beautiful. One day I am going to make it to Jasper...

Girl Tweets World

Cafes open till 10pm, micro breweries and cat cafes too... Sounds like my kind of neighbourhood too Jayne!

Girl Tweets World

I need your travel tips!
My friend Jayne Gorman of Girl Tweets World fame is visiting Edmonton & Calgary. Have you has been before?
Please leave a tip below.

Plus checkout out #captivatealberta & #explorealberta for Jayne's updates on the road.

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Fab few days in Dresden. A rich concentration of beautiful buildings, world class art museums , vineyards plus some fabulous places to eat and drink- perfect short break.
#VisitDresden #ad

Photos de la publication de Budget Traveller

Back in Dresden after 4 years. Forgotten how beautiful this city is.. #VisitDresden

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Bar+Hostel+Cultural Space: Welcome to Die Wohngemeinschaft

Time for some virtual travel and today I am heading back to Cologne to one of the most exciting hostels in the world: Die Wohngemeinschaft . I love the themed rooms, their amazing bar and also the fact they have their own cultural space. Staying here, I really felt like I connected with the people and spirit of Cologne.

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Have you visited the South East Coast of England?

Less than hour from London and with a clear view of the French coast, welcome to the South East Coast of England. If you yet to visit this part of the world, have a look at the vlog of my trip to Broadstairs, Deal and Dover.

Right on the doorstep of London I experienced a slice of Victorian nostalgia: quaint cobbled streets and timber framed houses, dreamy white cliffs and magical lighthouses, hidden sandy beaches to fabulous, great value for money fine dining-so much to discover here. Hope you enjoy the vlog of the trip. If you are inspired, South Eastern Trains are offering summer advance return off peak fares of just £10.

For a complete guide and 3 day itinerary of my trip, click here: http://budgettraveller.org/3-day-itinerary-for-south-east-england/

#SEHiddenGems #ad

Welcome to the greatest party hostel on earth?

Today we are taking you to Rome for a virtual trip to possibly the greatest party hostel on earth. There's also a coworking space onsite for digital nomads. Plus hairdresser. Restuarant and bar. Cooking classes. Plus a hair salon too. Intrigued?

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My favourite hostel in Seville? -

'This is one of those hostels that lives on in you, long after you have departed. With their focus on atmosphere, socialising and good times, these guys have created one of Europe’s most memorable hostels.'

http://budgettraveller.org/my-favourite-hostel-in-seville/ #luxuryhostels Thanks for the good times! La Banda Rooftop Hostel

Air Boss World Co

In search of a ski holiday with plenty to do on and off the slopes? Visit lively Val d'Isere with Mark Warner